Bringing health to the Bronx

and other boroughs!

Our Story

My name is Lyana Blount

I am the Chef and owner of Prepped to go which I started in 2016. I always had a passion for cooking and when I started my vegan journey I was sharing my recipes with friends and family and I got many requests from others to try my food. That is how Prepped to go came about. I was heavy on plant-based eating and fitness , seeing most of my family being unhealthy and choosing poor health habits. I decided to make a change for myself and others. Prepped to go is a meal Preparation and catering company founded in 2016. I specialize in healthy eating with tons of flavor. Growing up cooking with my Puertorican family i learned how to create meals using love and care and of course taste! Living in an unprivileged area, finding healthy options to eat was very challenging for me. I chose to use my passion and talent to provide a service that allows people to eat healthy while saving time, money and energy. One of my specific goals was to provide the people in my community vegan food options. To this day I served over 100 clients and catered over 40 events and I plan on continuing this journey and getting better every step of the way.

Prepped To go